Do I dare disturb the universe?

(8) Tumblr unter We Heart It.


(8) Tumblr unter We Heart It.


We Heart It.


You like mcr, panic at the disco, choppy hair cuts, fall out boy and black clothing. You can’t stop smudging your eyeliner, you can’t stay out of hot topic, and you don’t know the top 20 charts. Face it, you’re never gonna leave 2005.


Holy shit.


Holy shit.

i was born into the silver of the moon
and the curve of a bow

i’ve wrapped gods around my fingers
and taught girls to save themselves
from men whose touch they never asked for

i’ve made deer from mortals
and watched their own pets rip them to shreds

i’ve become a myth for men to laugh at but
let’s see how they laugh
without their throats

ask me where i keep my arrows
i’ll show you your own chest


yes I’m a gamer girl